Bullet Journal 2019 - February Set Up

By Luísa Scheid - sábado, fevereiro 02, 2019

It's officially my first BuJo birthday! One year ago I started my first BuJo, not knowing what or how to do it... A lot has since then - I got new pens, learn a little Lettering, broke up a relationship, went back to studying. In this year I had a long time to develop my abilities - and yeah, now I kinda like my BuJo. Guess it's time to start showing it off!

This February, my theme is Valentine's Day. Though Valentine's Day in Brazil is only in June, I kinda like Valentine's Day all around the world. So judge me if you want - I did it! Shall we see how it all turned out? 

I don't usually do doodles on my month cover, but I decided to try something differnt this time. I still think I can make some more, but I'm kinda happy with how it turned out. I may start doodling more often!

One problem I keep on having with my BuJo is too many set up pages with trackers and organization (like my haircare). It always get me so mess up I can't really track what I want. Since my BuJo this year is bigger, I decided to try an overview page, with everything that should be important. I minimized the informations. Guess it's just perfect now!

This is my first Blog Planner on my BuJo. Though I'm pretty organized, I never did one - all blog planning was made in random pieces of paper. Guess this should work out better for me! Let's hope it does!

Last BuJo I have one page only for mood tracker. I had my whole year. But then I saw some really amazing mood trackers on pinterest and guess what... I got jealous!

Yes, I am a Letterer (or Letterign artist, I don't know) - so I have to have at least one lettering page every month! This is one of my favorites arts ever!

This page is supposed to be my one-word journal. Every day I shall write/draw a word that represents my day. I never did it, so I have no idea how it will look like!

And finally, my weekly log.

Let me know what you think about it all!

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