Today and Forever

By Luísa Scheid - sábado, junho 23, 2018

Foto: Pixabay

I met him last winter. The weather was cold but he was warm. He had eyes blue like the sky and the sweetest smile I have ever seen. So sweet it definitely burnt his lips when he had to say bitter words. He was gentle and patient. He got me – he was as broken as me and could understand my pain. My doubt. My fear.

I was scared as hell to love again and he made me believe it could be a good thing. He never forced himself – he didn’t try breaking up my defenses. Instead, he built up a safe place where I could put down my armor and bullets.

If I panicked, he would hold me down and tell me everything would be fine. And it was true. Step by step, everything turned out fine. It is true sometimes it wasn’t really easy, but he taught me there is always a way out. There is always a solution – for everything, even someone as broken as me.

He believed in me and then taught me to believe too – in dreams, in myself, in love. He made me believe in and wait for brighter days as they would come one day – they were right there at the corner.

He made me smile with his cute face – and I just couldn’t stop thinking how much I wanted to be able to do the same. I just wanted to give him the same safe place – the same feeling of belonging – he gave me. He helped me finding the best version of me. It does not mean that I was always the easiest person to deal with, but it gave me a reason to try.

It was easy to fall in love with him – not because he was irresistible, but because I wanted to. Because I could see in him something I hadn’t seen in while. I always thought that there wasn’t a reason to get closer to anyone. People always find new ways to hurt you – and you never know what is really inside them. The one that will make love to you today can be the one who will literally kill you tomorrow.

But not him.

He showed me that there are still some people that deserve the chance. That we just have to find the right ones. Above all, he helped me see that I deserve to be loved and love. He opened my eyes to a brand new and colorful world where I think I can stay.

Where I want to stay.

Today and forever.

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