Thank you for it all, my love.

By Luísa Scheid - terça-feira, junho 12, 2018

Picture: Pixabuy

It's amazing how easily you can leave me speechless. I spent the day looking for the best way to make you feel how I do. I'm nothing compare to you on it - you complete me with your simple existence. If someone has something to be thankful for, it's me - for every detail that overflows me. Your voice, your touch, your smile ... And every moment that is transformed into a vastness of feelings. Everything that is immersed in here, inside of me, wanting to leave, wanting to explode. Every time I close my eyes, each of these moments touch me once again - they make me laugh, they make me cry. You are the author and the main character of it all. You are the whole plot; you capture me and captivate me. Everything makes me want you more and more - every caress, every minute of your presence. Thank you for it all, my love.

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