Goodbye Love

By Luísa Scheid - quarta-feira, fevereiro 14, 2018

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Once again we are in this place, where you probably don't wanna talk to me - or don't understand what is on my mind. Don't know if you want to know why I had to leave or if after everything that happened you just don't care anymore.

You are the most precious thing that I ever had. You are the person I loved the most in every possible way. The thing we had, I don't think I could ever find something like that in any other person. The connection I had with you right from the beginning was unexpected and inexplicable - and it is irreplaceable.

You are irreplaceable.

Still, I did something terrible that, even though I keep asking you to forgive it, I can't do it myself. I don't trust myself anymore. Everyday I have to deal with the fact that I hurt the person I loved the most in a way that I couldn't see a work out.

I feel so empty and so wrong in so many ways, that I couldn't even stand you hugging and kissing me without feeling guilty over and over again. I wanted to be someone to deserve your love - and I really wanted to make you happy again, but at the same time, I was always doubting myself. I was always thinking if you'd truly be confortable and happy around me once again.

'Cause after all, I just want you to be happy,

I still want to make you happy, but I'm so ashamed that I can't even look into your eyes without feeling sick about myself. I tried hiding, I tried being the girl I always was - but I can't find her in all this mess. She would have known how to treat you better and I'm desperately trying to connect myself to her again - but she just ain't there right now.

That's why I had to leave. 'Cause I couldn't risk hurting you again. It might sound stupid or whatever, but I do get and feel your pain. You might think I don't, but I do. I don't want to hurt you anymore ever again. It would kill me. I still think I could take care of you - but I don't see how I can make it all right at once.

You deserve someone that will make you laugh and smile just the way you always did with me. Someone who will make you feel like the center of the world. Someone who will give you so much love that will cure all the pain from the past. You were it all to me. You are even more than that. I'm just so sorry that I couldn't be it all for you too.

I have no right to ask you for anything - and I know I blew our last chance. I just couldn't stand all the feelings that were consuming me. I'm so sorry about everything, specially leaving you behind. I'm so sorry that you have to go through it all - I feel terrible that I was the person to put you in this situation.

I will always remember you as the couple we were. I will always remember your hands on mine while we were dancing together. I will always remember your sense of humor. I will always remember you. I will always love you.

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