One Last Time

By Luísa Scheid - quarta-feira, outubro 11, 2017

  I wish I had enough voice so you could hear me – I wish I was brave enough to tell everything you make me feel. I want some many things with you. I want your many ways of telling that you want to see me. I wanna hold your hand in your pocket ‘cause it’s too cold outside and stare at your eyes.
  I wanna wake up one more time in your bed – mess up your sheets, fight over blankets and sleep in your arms. Wanna wake up with your kiss on my forehead and go back to sleep with your hands on my back.
  I wish I had more time to live and relive all my days with you. The more I think about how my body reacts to your touch, the more I wanna be back to the heat of your arms.
  I wish our last days together were forever. I wish, more specifically, that first night could replay over and over again and we could relive all we share – the music, the smiles, the looks, the hands, the feelings… I wish it lasted ‘til infinity.
  I wish I could, one more time, take you home.
  I wish could, one last time, wake up right next to you.
  One last time…
  I want you.

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