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The Longer Days - A Collection

by - domingo, janeiro 21, 2018

tell me, did you ever travel
to that strange, forsaken kingdom
where the lilies never bloom
and the twilight never leaves
where the numbness is forgiving
and the tears are but sweet
so that everyone is sad
but happy about it?

i’ve never been to such a place
only in dreams – and what dreams!
the ones with a blank page and a sharp pencil
the ones where I needn’t even think
to find out what it means.

i wish you could have seen all those places
before my writing erode them all.

      - writing was the only option

those better days
they talk about
are better suited
for those who were better
than they

-   better days are far ahead

you have no ideia
how I feel
‘cause I have no idea
how to feel.

      - how to feel

the mercy of lesser men
means nothing to me
for lesser men than me
have no mercy left to give

-   lesser and lesser each time

there’s a little bit of you
in everything I do
from the way I cry
to the way I let go
a little bit each day.

      - little bits of you

everything happens for a reason
everything happens for a reason…
everything happens for some reason
some reason I can’t say
some reason that’s hidden
so very far away.

-          what’s hidden is broken

i’ve heard so many times
that depression is sadness uncontrolled
but my sadness is pure hatred
it’s a rage that never quits
a fire that never ashes
and burns my heart bright
and i’m nothing but the burning match
that’s keeping it alive

      - tears and ashes go hand in hand

i’ve never wanted to belong
to you nor anyone.
and I don’t know where you got this idea
that attention was what I wanted
when affection was all I needed.

-   feels easy to say impossible things  

kissing the void
never felt so good
those empty beads of nothing
filled with nowhere
dripping from its lips
and soaking at my feet

      -  nothing is ever really something

i’ve never really chased stars
they were never my thing.
i’ve chased comets my whole life
 for at least there was a chance
 they would fall on me.

 the seeker and the crater

the longer days are over, i swear,
just hold on
a little bit longer.
and buckle up, sweatheart.
the dog days
are about to start.

      - the longest moment of the briefest day   

can you hear the sun calling us
to very far away?
a supernova that keeps on
leading me astray
and tempting my last days.

-   the sun calls to you

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